About Us

About the Federation

The D.C. Federation of Civic Associations (DCFCA) is dedicated to informing, representing, and supporting the residents of the District of Columbia by bringing together leaders of its diverse neighborhoods in an action-oriented body.

What We Do

We inform by sending out notices and flyers to delegates of member associations, conducting candidate forums, having speakers at meetings of our Assembly of delegates, and presenting programs sponsored by public and private organizations.
By disseminating timely information, we help citizens keep abreast of developments and activities that affect the general welfare. About every five or ten years we have had delegate or leadership seminars to train civic workers. For many years during the period 1966-1990 we issued monthly newsletters, but we have replaced it with this web site, www.dcfca.org. We publish a directory to let public agencies and private organizations know who our member associations and neighborhood leaders are.

We represent citizens and our member associations by testimony and letters on important issues. We also support our member associations when they need help on problems like new liquor stores, or streets needing repairs. We are a recognized voice for the general welfare of the city. The influence that we can bring to bear is limited only by the readiness of our delegates to roll up their sleeves and do the necessary work

We support the community in many additional ways. Our scholarships, given to public school graduates during their first year in college, demonstrates our support for public education. We stand ready to cosponsor and help publicize information programs and forums whenever asked. Our Annual Awards Luncheon in late October offers key support by recognizing grass roots community leaders and outstanding civic work.