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Per Article III of our Constitution (the Membership article), the District of Columbia Federation of Civic Associations (the Federation) shall be composed of nonpolitical, nonsectarian civic organizations which have individual memberships and which are established for, and are devoted to, the improvement of the civic interest and general welfare of the residents of the District of Columbia.

All organizations admitted to membership in the Federation shall meet the following criteria:

(A) Have objectives in line with the Federation’s Constitution as stated in Article II;

(B) Have a minimum of fifty (50) financial members who are residents of, or who have interests in, the District of Columbia;

(C) Hold regular meetings of their general membership;

(D) Hold regular elections at least every two years of the principal officers, one of whom should be president;

(E) Have a democratic constitution (and or bylaws, articles of incorporation, terms of reference, etc.) properly ratified by the membership; and

(F) Submit an APPLICATION, a copy of its constitution, documentation supporting criteria (A) through (D) above, and payment of the current dues to the Federation.

For further information on Federation membership criteria, as well as representation in the Federation, please review Articles III (Membership) and IV (Representation) of the Federation’s Constitution, respectively.

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